Making Your Money Work

How can this guide help you?

This website can help you:

  • Use your money more wisely.
  • Save for what you really want.
  • Manage your loans, insurance, super and retirement saving.

The ADF Financial Services Consumer Centre and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) want you to be well informed and confident about financial decisions. This website can start you off on the right foot with general tips and explanations. ASIC’s ideas may not apply to your particular circumstances. If you want personal financial advice, you may need to see a licensed financial adviser.

Key tips for managing your money

  • Decide what you really want, and focus on your most important goals.
  • Start saving now: you can start small and increase your savings gradually (they’ll grow with interest, too).
  • Always check the facts: ask questions and get professional advice. If you aren’t comfortable or don’t understand, don’t go ahead.

Throughout this website we have used tables to work out budgets and so on. Copy them and add your own details to see how our suggestions might work for you.