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Charter of the Australian Defence Force Financial Services Consumer Centre

The Australian Defence Force Financial Services Consumer Centre is an internal Defence entity that has three tasks:

1. Financial Education

To offer, in consultation with appropriate regulators, impartial financial education (not personal advice) and relevant resource material to all ADF personnel in order to assist them to make informed decisions and plans about their financial affairs, and empower them to improve their financial capability throughout their careers.

2. Advisers to the Chiefs

To act as an internal source of expert advice to the Chiefs on consumer matters related to the financial services industry. For the purposes of this Charter, ‘financial services industry’ generally describes organisations that offer banking, insurance, lending, superannuation and investment products and services.

3. Relationship Managers

To develop, foster and maintain a professional and positive relationship with regulators, particularly Australian Securities and Investment Commission and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, relevant industry associations and participants in the financial services industry.

Air Chief Marshal
Chief of the Defence Force

18 December 2014